The reviews are in! Please check out the opinions of our guests about the range of services and packages we offer here at Beauty by Tea. We strive to bring you the very best in care, and we think that the reviews below will reflect our commitment to excellence.


Shannon Kelley -

"This woman is absolutely amazing, I will never go anywhere else! The time effort and carefulness from the time of first contact to finishing product was nothing short of exquisite. What other hair salon makes sure your belly is full and makes sure you’re beyond comfortable. Tea was able to get a look I have been desiring for years that no one else has been able to execute. Absolute best experience I have ever had. I recommend Tea to everyone, you will not be disappointed. Tea works wonders."


Veronica Eddlemon Vargas - June 1, 2020

"Tea is a very talented Beauty Professional. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a complete make over as well as anyone who is looking for a root touch up and deep conditioning treatments. She uses the best products and cares for your hair as if it was her own hair."


Irina Debirova - May 25, 2020 

"I experienced myself that Beauty Salon by Tea provides top-notch hair services. Tea has done my color correction, extentions, and hair treatment. I couldn't be more happier with the results! First of all, Tea is a real artist and she knows how to achieve the desired color. Second, she is well knowledgeable in different professional technics - she invests into continuous education excessive amount of time and money to ensure the newest technics and top products for her clients. Third, her products she uses for her clients are AMAZING! I'm so happy to get to know her and experience unbelievable beauty transformation."


Sierra Carlson - May 25th, 2020

"Tea is the best stylist I have ever had work on my hair. She is so knowledgable about color correction and blending. I am in absolute awe with the work she completed. Always going above and beyond for clients to ensure quality. I will never let anyone else touch my hair again! Thank you Tea!"


Rosie Maureaux - May 14, 2020

"Tea is absolutely amazing. She gave me what I asked for and even fed me in the process. Definitely recommend her if you're trying to go to blonde from dark. For any style really. She is a master hairstylist for sure."


Leah Niederhiser - May 7, 2020

"I was lucky enough to find Tea and have her fix my hair. I am one of those people who wait a year or two to take care of their hair and then one day show up at a salon and want the perfect model hair. I so appreciate Tea’s experience and information. She showed me what my hair (which is thin and fine and fried from dyeing my hair at home) was capable of and made it beautiful. She knew what would be best for my hair, face shape and my skill level to care for at home."


Dave Yount - February 17, 2020

"She did a great job on my wife's hair that I love. She

Joelle Yount - February 17, 2020

"Tea is one of the best of the best artist and Hair stylist I have ever been to. She is a perfectionist!! She really takes her time to consult with you. She is very knowledgeable and has to make sure you know what is happening with each step along the way. She takes her time and works her magic.  Complete transformation!! She is passionate about what she does which is why she is so consultative and so good at what she does. She wants her clients to be happy and have healthy. Please make an appointment with the best of the best!!"


Sothy Sam Woolley -February 17, 2020

"Tea is an amazing stylist.  She is the best of the best!  I always love what she did to my hair.  Purple and then silver.  You name it, she can do it.  Even better than you expected.  She has a great personality.  You’ll love her and her work just I like I do .  I would highly recommend her."


Maria Vallena -January 8, 2020 

"Excellent balayage! Beautiful blond. My hair looks healthy, not just stunning!"


Beth Ventura-Ball -March 7, 2020

"Excellent service! Very professional"

Moe Hermosillo -

"My wife and I count ourselves lucky and blessed to have found Tea about 5 months ago. Not only is she very talented with cuts, but her color transformations are stunning. She is passionate about her craft and her customers.
We’ve referred family and friends to her because of her excellent attention to detail and time she puts into insuring everything is perfect."


Katie Logan -

"Tea is an incredibly talented stylist. Not only does she invest in her craft, but she goes above and beyond to make you feel at home. She has incredible hospitality and uses the best products. She can give you the beautiful transformation you want while keeping your hairs integrity. Also her salon is absolutely beautiful "


Valentina Larchenko -

"Tea is the best! She completely transformed my hair! It had been colored dark at a different salon, and while I was told the dark color would wash out, it didn’t budge. Tea was able to not only get the color out, but do it without damaging my hair! She gave me the perfect blonde color!

We also did extensions later on and those lasted a long time, and blended seamlessly into my natural hair. She knows hair inside and out, and explains every step of the process!

Would give her 10/5 stars if I could, she saved my hair !"


Kiah Gayton Younger -

"I will never trust anyone else with my hair other then Tea! Her business is very profesional and she uses very high quality brands. She colored my hair and gave me a collagen treatment. My hair has never felt so amazing! If i could rate her more then 5 stars I would! Love her!"


Marie Roberts -

"Tea is amazing. I found her on Facebook and have been going to her for about a year. She color corrected my hair after years of going to subpar beauticians. My hair has never been softer or looked more healthy. She takes her time with you and doesn’t rush through the appointment like most others do. She is meticulous and a true artist. I highly recommend her."


Stephanie Hermosillo -

"Tea is amazing! She uses the best products, and is a true artist, I always look and feel my best when I leave her salon. My hair is healthy and vibrant!! Thank you Tea!!"


Casey Krom -

"I love my hair, Tea did an amazing job! She was very professional and extremely nice. I highly recommend her, if I could give her 6 stars I would!


Rhonda Sanders -

"I have never experienced the quality and skill like this before. Not only is she a skilled beautician, she takes the time to educate and provide extra hair care for her clients needs. I strongly recommend her!"


Santana Trujillo -

"This was the best hair experience I have ever had! Tea was not only an incredible stylist, but amazing host! I felt like I was at a spa! She was attentive, detail orientated and gave me the best